Cheap Temp/Humidity Sensing in HAS

If your house is like mine you have some rooms that run a little hotter than others (especially if you have servers running). Because of this the need to monitor temperature readings in rooms became a little more important, now there's a multitude of different ways to tackle this problem but this is by far the cheapest (although more time consuming on the front end) and doesn't require any cloud services to keep it running. I'd be unfair if I didn't mention some other good alternatives that use Zigbee/ZWave if you don't want to go through all this (these are not affiliate links, im not that important). 


In order to pull this off youre going to need the following. 


So this is going to be the most time-consuming part, although its really not that bad in case these instructions go out of date check out the github page for the flashing tool

ESP Home

  - platform: atc_mithermometer
    mac_address: "A4:C1:38:XX:XX:XX"
      name: ["Example Name"]
        name: ["Example Name"]
        name: ["Example Name"]
        name: ["Example Name"]
        name: ["Example Name"]

[Important Note: If you add multiple devices, the esp32_ble_tracker and sensor: options are only specified once, and new devices begin at - platform:] 

From here, your sensors should show up in your home asstant dashboard in the same room as your ESPHome. You can add as many sensors as your home can handle you'll just have to buy a new board for every 8 or so devices (i believe that's what the Bluetooth threshold is).