Here are some technologies that i either thought were really cool and/or run live in my homelab.  

Pi-Hole is a personal DNS server capable of blocking advertisment requests

Nebula VPN is a next generation VPN mesh technology

Guacamole is an easy to use remote desktop gateway accessible from your browser

As simple guide on how to create a systemd service along with possible config options 

Setting up a NGINX HTTPS to HTTP reverse proxy with NGINX

Pfsense Guides

How to use Wireguard to give private devices public IPs (Kinda)

Mitigating automated attacks on the internet using built in tools. 

How to use EspHome to connect Xiaomi Mijia to your HomeAssistant

How to use Ansible to automate the deployment of LXCs on Proxmox

How to use SWAG to protect insecure web applications.